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Fuse. One Framework. Unlimited Possibilities.

Fuse enables you to define your own definitions for the content that your business needs to manage.  Relate your content together to get amazing analytic capabilities.  Gain insights into your business using built in visualizations that increase your ability to see business trends.

Amazing Features

Fuse is packed with features to give our clients an experience that is tailored to their business needs.  Each feature was built by our team to deliver the highest performance and data integrity.  We are continually adding new features from our road map to handle even more use cases.


Define fields that represent the data you want to store.

Designed for you

Use a combination of field options and input validations to govern data coming into the system.


Use references to make correlations in structured and unstructured data.

External Data

References can be used to link disparate systems and external sources of data.


Save time and gain efficiency by designing repeatable processes.


Use workflow analytics to monitor execution and make real time optimizations to support business deliverables.


Find the answers you need in real time using powerful querying capabilities.

You have the power

Search for any field in a model or join related models and processes to provide contextual results.


Bring your data and processes to life with one of our many chart types.

Spreadsheets are boring!

Data visualizations allow users to easily process information and identify trends.


Showcase real time data from models and processes in a single location

Go Further

Drill down into any underlying data to perform additional analysis and discovery.


Fuse's security layer was designed to ensure your private data stays private.


Control access to features and data by granting rights to users, groups, and roles.


Add business or industry specific algorithms as a field formula to compute values.

Related Content

Calculations can utilize references can be created to add even more power to formulas.


Our API allows you to integrate your applications directly with Fuse.

From the Ground Up

We are confident in the capabilities of our API because we use it for the Fuse Web Client.


Create views that focus on specific models and dashboards.

Intelligent Design

Simple user interfaces make for happy users.


Setup custom emails to stay informed on changes to records and processes.

Stop the Spam

Add rules to only get emails on priority issues to help save your inbox.

Record Permissions

Control which records are public or private for users.

Top Secret

Private records are hidden from search and reports.

Want to see more features in Fuse?

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