Glossary of Terms

Below is a list of terms used when describing aspects of Fuse. Please contact our support team if you are unable to find a term in the list.

Analytics Search for data with group and aggregates.
Application Applications group together models and dashboards.
Color Palette Color palettes define a list of colors that are used by charts.
Condition A condition defines a how to filter results. Conditions can be combined to form complex filters.
Configuration Collection of administration tools to manage applications and their components.
Dashboard A customized view of data through gadgets.
Field Definition of attribute data for a record within a model.
Filter A filter is one or more conditions that records must match to be returned in a search. It can also be applied to other framework components like Notifications or Workflow to determine if an action will be performed for one record.
Form A customizable view of a record for a model.
Gadget Component displayed on a dashboard. Types include report, links, and custom.
Group A collection of Users used to define a selection or inherited permissions.
Header Logo The logo image that appears in the header of the site. This image can be customized.
Menu Refers to the 3 horizontal lines icon in the upper left of the site that opens navigation links. Configurable items can also have a menu on the right hand side in the application bar.
Model Defines fields that represent the data you want to store.
My Profile Refers to the options a User has to manage their own account.
Notification When record save or workflow update occur, an email can be sent about the event.
Record A single instance of a model.
Reference A defined link between two models.
Report A saved set of criteria for a search or analytics request.
Role Roles define a discrete set of permissions to features and data.
Search A tool to create ad-hoc queries into data.
User An authenticated person that performs actions and views data.
Values List A defined list of values to be used within a field for a model.
Values List Value A named value within a value list.
Workflow A set of steps connected by routes that defines a process.
Workflow Route A connection from one step to another.
Workflow Step A step defines a point in a process where a record will remain until being routed.