How to: Add a Dashboard

Dashboards are an important part of configuring Fuse for users. Dashboards create a custom view of the information in Fuse. They also help with delivering instruction and shortcuts to tasks. In this guide you will learn how to:
  1. Add a Dashboard
  2. Add Gadgets
Please note that you will need administration rights to Dashboards and Gadgets in order to complete this guide. If you come across any unfamiliar words in this guide, please use the Glossary of Terms to learn more.

1 – Add a Dashboard

Start by opening the menu and selecting Configuration. Then select Dashboards from the list. This brings you to the dashboards listing page. You can see each of the dashboards in the system from this listing page.
To add a dashboard, click the button in the bottom right corner with the + icon. This will open a new dashboard dialog. Enter the name for your new dashboard and click OK. Next, click the save button in the bottom right corner.
After saving it will take you back to the dashboards listing page. Click on your new dashboard in the list to return to it.

2 – Add Gadgets

Now that you have created your dashboard, you need to add gadgets to it. Start by clicking the button in the bottom right corner with the + icon. This will open a picker allowing you to choose the gadget you wish to add. Select the gadget you want to add and click OK. This will place the gadget onto the dashboard.
Next, position your new gadget on the page. You may move the gadget’s position by clicking and dragging from the title bar. You may change the size of the gadget by clicking and dragging one of the bottom corners.
Once you have your new gadget sized and positioned, you need to save the dashboard. Save the dashboard by clicking the save button in the bottom right corner.


Now that you have completed this guide, you should have the knowledge to add a dashboard and add gadgets to it. If you had any difficulty using this guide, please contact our support team.