How to: Add a Gadget

The dashboards in Fuse are a collection of gadgets. The first step in this process is to make a gadget. In this guide you will learn how to create a report gadget. There are many other types of gadgets as well.
Please note that you will need administration rights to Gadgets in order to complete this guide. If you come across any unfamiliar words in this guide, please use the Glossary of Terms to learn more.

Adding a Gadget

Start by opening the menu and selecting Configuration. Then select Gadgets from the list. This brings you to the gadgets listing page. You can see each of the gadgets in the system from this listing page.
To add a gadget, click the button in the bottom right corner with the + icon. This will take you to the new gadget page. Enter in a name for your gadget. This name will appear in the title bar of the gadget when displayed on a dashboard.
The default gadget type is Report so you won’t need to change the type for this gadget. The next step is to pick a report for the gadget. Click the Find Reports button to open up a report picker. After you have selected your report from the picker, hit OK and then Save. You now have a report gadget that is ready for a dashboard.


Now that you have completed this guide, you should have the knowledge to add a gadget. Gadgets are an important part of building a dashboard for your users. If you had any difficulty using this guide, please contact our support team.