How to: Add an Application

Applications combine models and dashboards to drive how users interact with Fuse. In this guide you will learn how to:
  1. Create an Application
  2. Add Models
  3. Add Dashboards
Please note that you will need administration rights to manage Applications to complete this guide. If you come across any unfamiliar words in this guide, please use the Glossary of Terms to learn more.

1 – Adding an Application

Start by opening the menu and selecting Configuration. Then select Applications from the list. This brings you to the applications listing page. You can see each of the applications in the system from this listing page.
To add an application, click the button in the bottom right corner of the page with the + icon. This will take you to the new application page.
Enter a name and description for the application. Then choose a color for the application. The application color will control the color of the header bar. Choose an icon that represents the purpose of the application. The icon will appear in the menu.

2 – Adding a Model to an Application

Adding a model to an application creates a menu item for that model when the application is active. A model also defines the dashboard and form to use while the application is active.
To add a model to an application, click on the Add Model button in the upper right corner of the models section. This will display a list of available models. Choose the model that you wish to add and click OK.
To change additional properties, click the Edit button on the model. This will display the default form and default dashboard. Specifying a form will control which form users see when the application is active. Setting no default form will respect which form the model has set as a default. Specifying a dashboard defines the link for the model in the menu. Setting no default dashboard will set the link to use the default report for the model.

3 – Adding a Dashboard to an Application

To add a dashboard to an application, click on the Add Dashboard button in the upper right corner of the dashboards section. This will display a list of available dashboards. Choose the dashboard you wish to add and click OK.
Applications have a default dashboard. The default dashboard is displayed when first activating the application. It is also used when clicking the header logo in the upper left corner of the page. If your application has more than one dashboard, the top dashboard in the list is set to default.


Now that you have completed this guide, you should have the knowledge to add an application. Applications create custom user experiences for Fuse while bundling models and dashboards. If you had any difficulty using this guide, please contact our support team.