How to: Search

Searching is one of the most important features of Fuse. It enables users to filter and sort data to find specific records. This guide’s intent is to teach you the basics so you can get started searching in Fuse. By completing this guide you will learn how to:

  1. Choose a Model and Fields
  2. Set a Filter
  3. Sort the data
  4. Save as a Report

If you come across any unfamiliar words in this guide, please use the Glossary of Terms to learn more.

1 – Choose a Model and Fields

Start by opening the menu and selecting Search. This brings you to the Search Criteria page. Use the Area of Focus to select the Model that you wish to search. Once selected, the default Display Items defined for the Model are set. You may then add or remove Display Items from the search.
Once you have completed selecting your fields, perform the search. Click the search button in the bottom right corner of the page.

2 – Set a Filter

You can add a filter to your search to further refine your results. Start by opening the Search Criteria from the options menu. Click the Add Filter button in the Filter By section. This opens a picker to choose Display Items you wish to filter. Once you have selected the Display Items, click Ok.
Filters are set by choosing a comparison operator and a value. The types of comparisons and options for the value vary depending on the type of Display Item. After setting the filters, click the search button in the bottom right corner of the page.
In the example, the user added a filter to only show customers in New York or Texas.

3 – Sort the Results

To sort the results of your search, click on the column header. This will sort your results in ascending order. Clicking on the column header again will toggle the order.
The sort column can also be set from the Search Criteria.

4 – Save as a Report

Saving your search as a report by opening the menu and selecting Save as New. This will display a dialog with a name and description for your new saved report. Fill out the form and click the save button.
Once you have saved the report, you can access it by going to the report listing page. To do so, open up the menu and select Reports. This page will display saved reports. Clicking on a report will take you back to the Search Results page.


Now that you have completed this guide, you should have the knowledge to search and save a report. If you had any difficulty using this guide, please contact our support team.